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Shakey Questions
(Click on the question number for the answer.)
What are the principal parts of "shake"?
This quote refers to a disaster in what city?
At exactly twelve minutes after five on the
morning of April 18, 1906, the whole city
was subjected to a deafening, deep rumble
and monumental rocking and shaking.
In 1960, a big milkshake cost 30 cents. Today, a shake half the size costs $1.20. The cost per ounce has increased by ...
A. 300%
B. 400%
C. 500%
D. 600%
E. 700%
Strange Goings-On
What are you doing if you do these things?
You put your right foot in.
You take your right foot out.
You put your right foot in
and you shake it all about.
Wave Classification
Which type of wave is produced by shaking a stretched string?
A. torsional
B. transverse
C. cylindrical
D. longitudinal
E. compression
This refers to what president?
The paraplegic president left the applauding
throng like a cocky prizefighter, shaking his
hands over his head. Will Rogers later wrote,
"If he burned down the Capitol we would
cheer and say, at least he got a fire started."
Tropical Tremors
The attacks may occur every day, every third day, or every fourth day, according to the rate at which the parasites multiply and burst out of the infected blood cells. Which disease features these recurring bouts of fever that shake a person with alternating shivering and sweating?
A. polio
B. scurvy
C. malaria
D. arthritis
E. gangrene
Shaking your fist at a neighbor is not battery unless you actually punch him. But such a threat of violence can be classified as ...
Shaken Hands
Seven different people shake hands with each other once. What is the total number of handshakes?
Musical Ornaments
An ornament in vocal or instrumental music in which one note alternates rapidly with the next to give a shaking effect is called a ...
Cataclysmic Geology
This is about what?
Landslides on the side of the mountain
were followed immediately by a violent
ground-shaking explosion that produced
a nuee ardente which swept down upon
the village as a searing gale.
Who allegedly composed these lines for his own headstone?
Good friend for Jesu's sake forbear
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blest be the man that spares these stones
And curst be he that moves my bones.
A. Whitman
B. Ginsberg
C. Confucius
D. Shakespeare
E. Aristophanes
Sentence Analysis
Classify this sentence by to its structure.
Your chances of getting hit by lightning
increase if you stand under a tree, shake
your fist at the sky, and say, "Nah, nah, nah"
What one word is missing from all of these cliches?
The Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, said this about what country he visited in 1831?
Nothing struck me more forcibly
than the general equality of conditions.
All classes meet continually and no
haughtiness results from differences in
social position. Everyone shakes hands.
Chemical Tests
You shake some salt into the flame of a candle. The flame then appears to be what color?
A. red
B. blue
C. white
D. green
E. yellow
Memorable Evenings
What kind of evening was Robert Frost remembering when he wrote these lines?
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
It was made by Hephaestus and covered with the skin of the goat, Amalthea. Zeus was able to produce storms and thunder by shaking it. Name this shield.
In Other Words
This is about what common phenomenon?
The clouds consign their treasures
to the fields, and softly shaking on
the dimpled pool prelusive drops,
let all their moisture flow, in large
effusion, o'er the freshened world.
Chlorine and carbon tetrachloride are added to an unknown solution. You then shake the mixture and a purple layer forms on the bottom. You immediately know the solution contains a(n) ...
A. oxide
B. iodide
C. sulfide
D. hydride
E. peptide
Unspoonerize this sentence.
I'll hash my wands or shake a tower.
Historical Observations
He saw the ground shake, the sea sucked back and then hurled forward, and great tongues of flame spurt from the black cloud that boiled up out of the volcano. What eruption did Pliny the Younger witness in 79 AD?
Vivid Verse
What is this poem about?
Fifty little brown men
Put into a cage.
Shake them till they laugh and leap
Crowding to the top.
Watch them burst their little coats
Pop! Pop! Pop!
In what novel by Robert Peck does young Rob learn to cope with the harshness of Shaker life through his relationship with his father?
A. Run Softly
B. Rumblefish
C. The Mark of Conte
D. Teacup Full of Roses
E. A Day No Pigs Would Die
This describes what type of aircraft engine?
The parts spin instead of moving
to and fro, so the plane does not shake.
They break down less often. They burn
cheap kerosene instead of costly gasoline
and weigh less than piston engines.
"That queer shake" is an anagram for "the ..."
Pirate Poetry
What is the last word in this verse by John Masefield?
To fetch the gold out of the hold
We make them shake their shankses.
Then over the side to take a dive
We make them walk the ...
Interchangeable Idioms
While waiting for the verdict in his trial, John had his heart in his mouth, was shaking like a leaf, and was waiting for the ax to fall. He was on ...
A. cloud nine
B. his last legs
C. an even keel
D. the up and up
E. pins and needles
Pshakey Psychiatry
Translate the Spanish words in this passage by Ronnie Shakes.
After twelve years of therapy, my psychiatrist
told me something that brought tears to my eyes.
He said, "No hablo Ingles."
How many shakes equal a very short time?
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Answers to Shakey Questions
1. shake, shook, shaken
2. San Francisco
3. E
4. The Hokey Pokey
5. B
6. Franklin Roosevelt
7. C
8. assault
9. 21
10. trill (tremolo, vibrato)
11. a volcanic eruption
12. D
13. complex sentence
14. leg
15. USA
16. E
17. a snowy evening
18. Aegis
19. rain
20. B
21. I'll wash my hands or take a shower.
22. Mt. Vesuvius
23. popcorn
24. E
25. jet
26. earthquakes
27. plankses
28. E
29. I don't speak English.
30. two
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