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Rock Risks
As aging rock stars will attest, prolonged exposure to very loud music can permanently injure your ...
A. cochleas
B. ventricles
C. erythrocytes
D. olfactory cells
E. rods and cones
The reflection of a sound which can be distinguished from the original sound is an ...
Speed of Sound
The speed of sound in air at sea level is approximately ...
A. 7.41 mph
B. 74.1 mph
C. 741 mph
D. 7,410 mph
E. 74,100 mph
What is the common name for a device which transforms sound waves into an electrical current?
Which sound has the highest pitch?
A. a ringing gong
B. distant thunder
C. the buzzing of a gnat
D. the croak of a bullfrog
E. an automobile horn honking
The perception of sound intensity is called ...
Going Through a Phase
The speed of sound is greater in ...
A. gases than solids
B. liquids than solids
C. gases than liquids
D. solids than liquids
E. a vacuum than gases
Sound Series
A fundamental and the overtones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the fundamental are called ...
Scientific Instrumentation
Which instrument displays a visual pattern of sound waves which a microphone has transformed into electric impulses?
A. photometer
B. spectroscope
C. oscilloscope
D. galvanometer
E. interferometer
Units of Measure
What unit of measurement is used to compare the intensities of different sounds?
Physical Laws
The intensity of sound decreases as one moves away from the source. Which physical law describes this phenomenon?
A. Law of Reflection
B. Inverse Square Law
C. Law of Superposition
D. Conservation of Energy Law
E. Law of Hydrostatic Equilibrium
Aviation History
As an aircraft increases its speed, it compresses the air ahead, putting considerable strain on the plane's structure. It was once feared that if a plane got too close to the speed of sound, it would disintegrate. What did engineers call this limit?
Pitch Properties
An increase in the pitch of the sound produced by a vibrating string could be caused by an increase in the ....
A. mass of the string
B. length of the string
C. tension of the string
D. diameter of the string
E. temperature of the string
A Sound Relationship
The higher the pitch of a sound, the ---- its wavelength.
Sound Stoppers
There would be the least echo in an empty room lined with 2 inches of ...
A. oak or pine
B. stone or brick
C. aluminum or tin
D. plaster or stucco
E. cork or styrofoam
The mistake is often made of saying that bats can fly in the dark because they have a built-in radar system. But radar depends on radio waves rather than sound waves. Bats actually have what kind of built-in system?
A flash of lightning is seen and ten seconds elapse before the thunder is heard. The lightning struck about how many miles away?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Subsonic vibrations are below the limits of audibility for human ears. What adjective indicates those vibrations that are above the limits?
Which is first affected as sound enters the human ear?
A. anvil
B. hammer
C. stirrup
D. cochlea
E. semicircular canals
Wave Characteristics
The pitch of a sound corresponds to its frequency. The loudness of a sound corresponds to what characteristic of the wave?
Instrumental Differences
A piano and a saxophone produce a note of the same pitch but their sound is different because of a difference in ...
A. loudness
B. amplitude
C. frequency
D. overtones
E. wavelength
Shock Waves
A jet flying at supersonic speeds over your house sets up a shock wave. This shock wave is popularly known as a ...
Sound Measurement
Unless you are chatting with someone who always screams everything, what is the decibel level of normal conversation?
A. 10 dB
B. 60 dB
C. 90 dB
D. 110 dB
E. 130 dB
Push and Pull
A sound wave is produced by the pushing together of molecules creating an area of high pressure called a compression and the pulling apart of those molecules creating lower pressure called a...
Sound Sources
The source of a sound measured at 19,500 hertz could be a(n) ...
A. waterfall
B. jet engine
C. earthquake
D. kettle drum
E. automobile backfire
Air Temperature
What happens to the speed of sound as the air temperature rises?
Scientific Devices
Which device depends upon the transmission of sound waves?
A. hydrometer
B. anemometer
C. seismograph
D. electroscope
E. spectroscope
Which Wave
Ocean waves are transverse because the water moves perpendicular to the direction of the wave. If the medium moves in the same direction as the wave as it does for sound, the waves are ...
Tap Test
You tap on five identical bottles. The one producing the lowest pitch contains ...
A. 1 inch of gasoline
B. 2 inches of vinegar
C. 3 inches of mercury
D. 4 inches of alcohol
E. 5 inches of water
A Day at the Races
You are at an auto race. As a Ferrari approaches you, its sound gets louder and has a higher and higher pitch. After it passes you, the pitch gets lower. This change in pitch is due to what effect?

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Answers to Sound
1. A
2. echo
3. C
4. microphone
5. C
6. loudness
7. D
8. harmonics
9. C
10. decibel
11. B
12. sound barrier
13. C
14. shorter
15. E
16. sonar
17. B
18. ultrasonic
19. B
20. amplitude
21. D
22. sonic boom
23. B
24. rarefaction
25. B
26. it increases
27. C
28. longitudinal
29. E
30. Doppler effect
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