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Scientific Theories
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Famous Theories
Whose theory stated that matter and energy are interchangeable?
The atomic theory of matter was first conceived by which Greek?
A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. Procrustes
D. Democritus
E. Hippocrates
Fossils of mesosaurus have been found in southwestern Africa and northwestern Brazil. This is evidence for what theory proposed by Alfred Wegener?
Men and Boys
Even though men have been shaving for centuries, boys still develop beards when they mature. This tends to disprove the theory of ...
A. evolution
B. differentiation
C. natural selection
D. survival of the fittest
E. inheritance of acquired traits
Ancient Science
What substance is missing from this list of elements proposed in the 5th century B.C. to be the fundamental building blocks of all matter?
Timely Principles
That "the present is the key to the past" is the principle of ...
A. isostasy
B. superposition
C. uniformitarianism
D. faunal assemblages
E. original horizontality
Universal Theories
Identify the theory for the origin of the universe which says that originally all the matter in the universe was confined to a single point or body which exploded.
The particle theory of light best explains the ...
A. refraction of light
B. color in a rainbow
C. photoelectric effect
D. dispersion of light by a prism
E. formation of an image by a lens
History of Psychology
Name the psychologist who developed the theory of the collective unconscious.
Geological Theories
Periodic variations in the Earth's magnetic field have been best explained by theories of ...
A. plate tectonics
B. sunspot activity
C. continental drift
D. atmospheric tides
E. motions within the Earth's core
Galileo defended whose theory about the solar system in his book, "Dialogue on the Great World Systems"?
Theoretical Substantiation
The least compelling scientific evidence has been collected in support of ...
A. evolution
B. the big bang
C. extrasensory perception
D. the expanding ozone hole
E. the detrimental effects of alcohol
Carl's Conjecture
Carl Sagan suggested that there are almost certainly other planets with life forms out there because there are billions and billions of stars. This conjecture about extraterrestrial life is based on what field of mathematics?
The K-T Boundary
The unusually high concentration of the rare element iridium in a certain layer of the Earth's crust is basic to a theory about ...
A. oil formation
B. superposition
C. plate tectonics
D. dinosaur extinction
E. spontaneous generation
What theory predicts that matter absorbs or emits energy only in discrete quantities proportional to the frequency of the energy?
Competing Theories
Sir Isaac Newton and Christiaan Huygens each developed a theory of ...
A. light
B. gravity
C. magnetism
D. electricity
E. atomic structure
Parsimonious Principles
When two or more theories explain all relevant facts with equal ease, scientists look to the law of parsimony and say that what razor should be applied?
Faulty Theories
Phlogiston was a substance fundamental to a theory explaining ...
A. gravity
B. momentum
C. magnetism
D. combustion
E. sound transmission
Personality Parts
Someone once quipped that "psychiatry is the care of the id by the odd." This is an allusion to the three-part theory of personality originally developed by ...
Science Legends
Legends involving apples relate to the Swiss hero, William Tell, and to the origin of the theory of ...
A. relativity
B. gravitation
C. continental drift
D. natural selection
E. electromagnetism
Simultaneous Science
A theory developed by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1857 was very similar to another theory published in the same decade by ...
A. Louis Pasteur
B. Charles Lyell
C. Charles Darwin
D. Albert Einstein
E. Hermann Helmholtz
Quite a Stretch
The elastic rebound theory developed by Harry Reid of Johns Hopkins University explains what geological phenomena by comparing rocks to rubber bands?
Expanding Evidence
Which could be evidence for the theory of the expanding universe?
A. precession
B. sidereal time
C. Hubble's red shift
D. the shape of galaxies
E. the existence of asteroids
Continental Drift
The theory of continental drift is supported by evidence from ...
A. philately
B. stereoscopy
C. horticulture
D. terraforming
E. paleomagnetism
These three theories refer to the origin of what heavenly body?
Albert's Objections
Albert Einstein wrote that "God is subtle but he is not malicious." This referred to his objection to ...
A. kinetic theory
B. quantum theory
C. the caloric theory
D. the Big Bang theory
E. the unified field theory
What French scientist is credited with first enunciating the germ theory of disease?
Which scientist proposed a theory that emotions evolved in man because they were important for his survival?
A. Carl Jung
B. Carl Rogers
C. Ivan Pavlov
D. Charles Darwin
E. Sigmund Freud
Biological Hypotheses
What mythical goddess is in the name of a theory that suggests that the Earth itself is an organism that can modify and maintain its own optimum environment?
Theory Chronology
Which theory was proposed first?
A. chaos theory
B. Big Bang theory
C. theory of relativity
D. unified field theory
E. theory of abiogenesis


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Answers to Scientific Theories
1. Albert Einstein
2. D
3. continental drift (plate tectonics)
4. E
5. air
6. C
7. Big Bang theory
8. C
9. Carl Jung
10. E
11. Nicolaus Copernicus
12. C
13. probability
14. D
15. quantum theory
16. A
17. Ockham's razor
18. D
19. Sigmund Freud
20. B
21. C
22. earthquakes
23. C
24. E
25. the Moon
26. B
27. Louis Pasteur
28. D
29. Gaia
30. E
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