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The term "kerf" is associated with ...
A. saws
B. files
C. hammers
D. chisels
E. measuring devices
Long Lines
You are a framing carpenter and need to mark a 40-foot straight line on the edge of some subflooring. What common tool would be the best choice for this task?
Power Tools
Which tool can produce moldings, trim edges, form recesses, and cut grooves?
A. jack plane
B. belt sander
C. reciprocating saw
D. router
E. wood lathe
Place the following four gradations of single cut files in order from the roughest to the smoothest cut.
1. bastard
2. second cut
3. smooth
4. rough
A jointer is a tool designed to ...
A. cut miters
B. apply glue
C. plane surfaces
D. rip narrow stock
E. cut internal circles
Woodworking Tools
This woodworking tool consists of a blade between two handles. The handles are at right angles to the blade. It is used to smooth a surface by pulling the blade over the stock. Name this tool.
What is another name for a hex wrench?
A. nut driver
B. Allen wrench
C. Stillson wrench
D. double-end box wrench
E. ratchet and socket wrench
Tough Stuff
What especially hard metal is used on the tips of drill bits that can cut holes in masonry?
Animal Assistance
A mechanical gripping or holding device is called a ...
A. cat
B. dog
C. cow
D. wolf
E. sheep
Special Saws
Name the special saw which incorporates a flexible steel blade in the form of a continuous loop.
Multiple Marking
Which instrument should be used to mark off a line in several sections equal in length to the diagonal of a six-inch square?
A. a scale
B. dividers
C. a template
D. a triangle
E. a compass scribe
Name the device attached to circular saws that helps make long cuts parallel to the edge of a piece of plywood or other straight-edged stock.
Which type of pliers open wider than any of the others?
A. lineman's pliers
B. long-nose pliers
C. slip-joint pliers
D. channel-type pliers
E. diagonal-cutting pliers
End Cuts
The preferable way to cut the ends of a number of boards at the same angle involves the use of a ...
A. miter box
B. protractor
C. miter square
D. combination bevel
E. combination square
Roadside Wrenches
Your car is parked on the side of the road with a flat tire. To loosen the nuts on that wheel, you should use what kind of wrench?
Which hammer is most likely to have a magnetized head?
A. mallet
B. tack hammer
C. claw hammer
D. sledge hammer
E. ball-peen hammer
Identify the chisel-like tool with a curved or v-shaped blade that is used in woodcarving.
Another name for the rattail file is ...
A. needle file
B. bent riffler
C. cantsaw file
D. auger bit file
E. tapered round file
A line level is most frequently used with a ...
A. transit
B. tape rule
C. plumb bob
D. try square
E. length of string
What is the name for a machinist's hammer with one cylindrical and one hemispherical head?
Which saw would be the best choice for cutting an opening in wallboard for a switch box?
A. keyhole saw
B. coping saw
C. hacksaw
D. backsaw
E. radial saw
Bit Parts
Drill bits are held in the drill by means of the ...
What is the abrasive grit most often used on sandpaper?
A. talc
B. boron
C. flint
D. pumice
E. carbon
Hand Tools
Identify the special wrench that has a register displaying the amount of rotational force being applied.
Nail Sets
A nail set is used to sink the heads of which type of nail?
A. box
B. common
C. roofing
D. finishing
E. galvanized
Cutting Curves
Name the reciprocating electrical saw which is particularly useful in cutting curves.
Which would be the best choice of tool for duplicating work.
A. a jig
B. a chuck
C. a planer
D. a drill press
E. a marking gauge
Drill Depth
Name the device which locks on the shaft of a drill bit to limit the depth of the hole.
What determines the size of a chisel?
A. pitch
B. width
C. weight
D. length
E. height
Rounding Off
You have a short section of lumber which you want to round off. Name the very rough file which would be suitable for this task.
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Answers to Tools quiz
1. A
2. chalk line
3. D
4. 4-1-2-3
5. C
6. drawknife
7. B
8. carbide
9. B
10. band saw
11. B
12. rip fence
13. D
14. A
15. lug wrench
16. B
17. gouge
18. E
19. E
20. ball-peen hammer
21. A
22. chuck
23. C
24. torque wrench
25. D
26. jigsaw
27. A
28. depth gauge
29. B
30. rasp
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