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River Runners
Immediately after leaving the Mississippi River, the Lewis and Clark expedition followed what river to the west?
Mail Call
The Pony Express route ran through ...
A. Bismarck and Pierre
B. Helena and Missoula
C. Santa Fe and Albuquerque
D. Walla Walla and Lewiston
E. Salt Lake City and Carson City
Tragic Trails
The route along which the United States government forced several tribes of American Indians such as the Cherokees and the Choctaws to migrate to new homes west of the Mississippi was known as the Trail of ...
Rugged Routes
The Wilderness Road stretched across the ...
A. Rockies
B. Black Hills
C. Great Plains
D. Appalachians
E. Sierra Nevada
End of the Trail
The western end of the Mormon Trail was in what city in Utah?
Happy Trails to Moo
Like the Goodnight-Loving Trail, which of these was used primarily for cattle drives?
A. Oregon Trail
B. Spanish Trail
C. Santa Fe Trail
D. Chisholm Trail
E. California Trail
The Great Plains
What 900-mile trail ran across the plains of Kansas and ended in the plaza of what is now the capital of New Mexico?
Tribal Trails
The Iroquois Trail was an important Indian path following the Mohawk River Valley west to what is now Buffalo, New York. It also served as the approximate route for what important man-made waterway?
Historic Highways
An important commercial and military route from Nashville to the Mississippi was called ...
A. El Camino Real
B. the Appian Way
C. the Natchez Trace
D. the Cumberland Road
E. the Pan-American Highway
Tremendous Treks
What path that runs from Mount Oglethorpe in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine was set aside by Congress in 1968 as a national scenic trail?
Native American History
The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail runs from North Carolina to what state?
Stagecoach Lines
The Butterfield Trail ran through southern ...
A. Idaho
B. Kansas
C. Arizona
D. Colorado
E. Washington
Indian Conflicts
The Sioux were inflamed by the opening in 1865 of the Bozeman Trail from Fort Laramie to the gold fields of what state?
Federal Highway Projects
By what other name was the Cumberland Road known?
Which fort was an important supply depot for pioneers on the Oregon Trail?
A. Fort Henry
B. Fort Laramie
C. Fort Duquesne
D. Fort Necessity
E. Fort Ticonderoga
Frontier Heroes
As an agent of the Transylvania Company he led a band of colonists along the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap to the site of Boonesborough. Name this legendary frontiersman.
Old West Trails
The Emigrant Trail ran through southern ...
A. Texas
B. Idaho
C. Montana
D. Colorado
E. Nebraska
Mountain Passes
The California Trail paralleled the Humboldt River in Nevada and then crossed the Sierras through what infamous pass?
Ways West
Which route was most northerly?
A. Santa Fe Trail
B. El Camino Real
C. Wilderness Road
D. Lewis and Clark's route
E. Butterfield Overland route
Identify any one of the three states through which the Natchez Trace National Parkway runs.
The Mormon Trail
The Mormon Trail paralleled which river for several hundred miles?
A. Colorado River
B. Columbia River
C. Rio Grande River
D. San Joaquin River
E. North Platte River
Cattle Drives
San Antonio was the start of what trail over which cattle were driven to meet the railroad at Abilene, Kansas?
Similar Routes
Which trail in the old west followed the same path as the Mormon Trail across much of Wyoming and Nebraska?
A. Taos Trail
B. Oregon Trail
C. Emigrant Trail
D. Santa Fe Trail
E. Butterfield Trail
Religious Roads
What is the Spanish name for the road established in 1770 by the Spanish explorer, Gaspar de Portola, that linked 21 missions in California?
Historic Trails
In what state is the Iditarod National Historic Trail located?
Pioneer Paths
The Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette Valley was about how many miles in length?
A. 500
B. 900
C. 1400
D. 2000
E. 2600
Early Roads
The Cumberland Road began in what state?
Hit the Trail
The Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail began at sites along what river?
Famous Forts
Which was located on the Santa Fe Trail?
A. Fort Worth
B. Fort Sumter
C. Bent's Fort
D. Fort Benning
E. Fort Ticonderoga
Frontier Authors
What American historian and writer lived with the Sioux Indians in 1846 and then described his experiences in the book "The Oregon Trail"?
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Answers to Trails
1. Missouri River
2. E
3. Tears
4. D
5. Salt Lake City
6. D
7. Santa Fe Trail
8. Erie Canal
9. C
10. Appalachian Trail
11. Oklahoma
12. C
13. Montana
14. National Road
15. B
16. Daniel Boone
17. A
18. Donner Pass
19. D
20. Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee
21. E
22. Chisholm Trail
23. B
24. El Camino Real
25. Alaska
26. D
27. Maryland
28. Missouri River
29. C
30. Francis Parkman
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