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Changing Times
By the mid-1800s, what had largely replaced canals as the primary means to transport freight in America?
According to Henry
Regarding his Model T, Henry Ford said, "You can have it in any color ...
A. shape, and size
B. if you're able to pay
C. so long as it is black
D. or combination of colors
E. and with a wide range of interiors
Space Truckin'
The first space shuttle was to be named Constitution by NASA, but after President Ford received 174,000 letters from Star Trek fans, he changed the name to ...
Ferdinand and Der Fuehrer
Adolf Hitler ordered Dr. Ferdinand Porsche to design an inexpensive automobile for the German masses. What vehicle did he create?
Wooden Boats
Boats carved from whole logs are known as ...
A. dugouts
B. rubouts
C. pullouts
D. stakeouts
E. runabouts
Bunches of Bikes
By far, the greatest number of bicycles in daily use are in what country?
Automobile Safety
Sport utility vehicles roll over more frequently than regular passenger cars because their ...
A. tires are wider
B. suspensions are stiffer
C. turning radii are smaller
D. engines are more powerful
E. centers of gravity are higher
Non-stop Travel
What enormous construction project permits uninterrupted three-hour train trips between London and Paris?
What was the popular name for the Willys General Purpose Vehicle introduced in 1940?

A Lot of Gas
Enormous quantities of hydrogen were required by the ...
A. Nautilus
B. Bismarck
C. Merrimack
D. Hindenburg
E. Spirit of St. Louis
People Power
Name the small, two-wheeled Japanese cart with two long poles pulled by one or two people.
A Horse of a Different Color
"Iron horse" refers to ...
A. farm tractors
B. prairie schooners
C. steel-clad warships
D. railroad locomotives
E. steam-powered automobiles
Highway Funding
What is the main source of revenue for highway construction and maintenance in the U.S.?
An advantage of the steamboat over the flatboat for river transportation was that it ...
A. was made of steel
B. was cheaper to operate
C. could make round trips
D. transported people and goods
E. was subsidized by the government
All the News that's Wrong
In 1920, the New York Times ridiculed what form of transportation when it printed this?
Professor Goddard does not know the
relation of action to reaction, and of
the need to have something better than
a vacuum against which to react.
Roman Runabouts
A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle of the ancient Romans was the ...
A. lorry
B. surrey
C. chariot
D. phaeton
E. omnibus
Special Seating
If you find yourself seated on a howdah, you are riding what kind of animal?
What is the collective name for ships engaged in commerce, as distinguished from ships of war?
Lonely Roads
The lowest road density is in ...
A. Maine
B. Texas
C. Nevada
D. Georgia
E. Wisconsin
Continental Commerce
The Mississippi is the most heavily utilized inland waterway in North America. What river is the busiest inland waterway in Europe?
Getting Around
Which is the most energy-efficient means of transportation?
A. bicycle
B. walking
C. electric car
D. diesel truck
E. roller skates
A Shrinking World
In 1869, the travel time between New York and San Francisco was reduced from a minimum of three months to just eight days with the completion of what?
What means of propulsion is used by these vessels?
Heading West
Prairie schooners of the Old West were ...
A. flatboats
B. cattle drives
C. clipper ships
D. railroad trains
E. Conestoga wagons
Aviation Abbreviations
What is the meaning of the abbreviation "VTOL" as applied to aircraft?
Revolutionary Railroads
An experimental train design eliminates steel track and wheels altogether by levitating the entire train. Levitation is accomplished by means of ...
A. airfoils
B. microwaves
C. static electricity
D. magnetic fields
E. matter-antimatter reactions
Subway Stations
These are subway stations in what city?
Tooting Broadway
Goodge Street
East Ham
Piccadilly Circus
Long Distance Communications
A series of riders covered two hundred miles a day for ten days, changing horses every ten to twenty miles. Name this mail service initiated in 1860.
Travels Abroad
A traveler is most likely to see a gondola while visiting ...
A. Paris
B. Venice
C. Madrid
D. Frankfurt
E. Copenhagen
Highway Signs
When you see an interstate highway sign with an even number on it, in which direction are you traveling?

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Answers to Transportation
1. railroads
2. C
3. Enterprise
4. the Volkswagen
5. A
6. China
7. E
8. the Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel)
9. jeep
10. D
11. ricksha (jinriksha)
12. D
13. gasoline tax
14. C
15. rockets
16. C
17. elephant (camel)
18. merchant marine
19. C
20. Rhine River
21. A
22. transcontinental railroad
23. wind (sails)
24. E
25. vertical take-off and landing
26. D
27. London
28. Pony Express
29. B
30. east or west
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