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The Trojan War
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War Time
The Trojan War lasted a total of ...
A. six months
B. one year
C. nine years
D. fifteen years
E. one hundred twenty years
Greek Heroes
He was the son of Telamon of Salamis. Name this Greek warrior of great stature and physical prowess who fought against Troy.
It is written in Greek hexameters and commemorates the deeds of Achilles. Name this epic poem of 24 books about the siege of Troy.
Principal Players
He was responsible for kidnapping Helen and starting the Trojan War. Who was he?
A. Ajax
B. Paris
C. Telamon
D. Odysseus
E. Menelaus
Odysseus entered Troy and carried off Palladium. Palladium was a sacred statue of ...
A. Nike
B. Athene
C. Electra
D. Galatea
E. Persephone
Greek Kings
Identify the king of Argos who commanded the allied Greeks in the siege of Troy.
A. Priam
B. Hector
C. Menelaus
D. Daedalus
E. Agamemnon
Bad Love
Helen eloped with Paris and caused her husband to gather the Greeks and attack Troy. Who was her husband?
Greek Legends
Who was the king of Troy when the city was sacked by the Greeks?
Name the prominent Trojan hero who was slain by Achilles.
A. Ajax
B. Priam
C. Paris
D. Nestor
E. Hector
Beauty Contests
As the handsomest man in the world, Paris was asked to pick the fairest among the three godesses Hera, Athene, and ...
Historical Beauty
A thousand what were launched by the face of Helen of Troy?
Name Sharing
What name is shared by a white gypsum powder used in casting, a son of King Priam of Troy, and cities in Texas and France?
Ancient Literature
He led his followers to Italy after the fall of Troy and his story is told in the Aeneid. Name him.
A. Jason
B. Aeneas
C. Nestor
D. Odysseus
E. Agamemnon
Mountains of Myth
What mountain in Asia Minor is noted for the following?
the abduction of Ganymede
the judgment of Paris
the place from which the gods
watched battles around Troy
City Namesakes
Troy was named after what king?

Ancient Cities
According to Homer, this city on the northeast portion of the Plain of Argos was the home of Agamemnon, leader of the Greek heroes at Troy. Name this city.

The Greek warrior Ajax was described as being second only to whom in stature and strength?
Odysseus is remembered for wandering ten years after the fall of Troy before returning home to his wife Penelope in ...
A. Crete
B. Sparta
C. Ithaca
D. Mycenae
E. Corintha
Give and Take
Paris won the love of Helen after he had given what to Aphrodite?
A. ambrosia
B. the Pipes of Pan
C. the Golden Fleece
D. the Apple of Discord
E. the Horses of Diomedes
Mythical Men
This mythical figure has come to represent filial devotion and duty because he carried his elderly father out of the ruined Troy. Name him.
Trojan Kings
Name the king of Troy who ransomed Hector's body from Achilles.
A. Paris
B. Creon
C. Priam
D. Minos
E. Agamemnon
The Palladium, the statue of Pallas Athene that kept Troy safe, was made of ...
Ancient Anatomy
A tendon on the lower leg was named after what hero of the Trojan War?
Greek Literature
Homer used what other name for the city of Troy?
A. Ilium
B. Samos
C. Ephesus
D. Thermopylae
E. Halicarnasus
Combining Cultures
The intermingling of what two ancient cultures produced the great civilization described by Homer in his account of the Trojan War?
Achilles was fatally wounded in the heel with an arrow shot by ...
A. Paris
B. Minos
C. Priam
D. Proteus
E. Odysseus
History of Archaeology
This passage is about whom?
Despite his mercurial manner and a compulsion
to overstate his theories, his historic work at Troy
truly established scientific standards for thousands
of modern archaeological excavations.
Sage Monarchs
Name the king of Pylos who was noted for his wise council during the expeditions against Troy.
A. Nestor
B. Laocoon
C. Sarpedon
D. Sisyphus
E. Hippomenes
Seeds of War
As the cause of the Trojan War, it appears to deserve its name. Just what exactly was inscribed on the Apple of Discord that Paris awarded to Aphrodite?
Bad News
There was a priest of Troy who protested against bringing the wooden horse within the city walls. Unfortunately for him, huge sea serpents came and strangled him and his two sons. This priest was ...
A. Pandora
B. Laocoon
C. Favonius
D. Diomedes
E. Agamemnon

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Answers to the Trojan War
1. C
2. Ajax
3. The Iliad
4. B
5. B
6. E
7. Menelaus
8. Priam
9. E
10. Aphrodite
11. ships
12. Paris
13. B
14. Mount Ida
15. Tros
16. Mycenae
17. Achilles
18. C
19. D
20. Aeneas
21. C
22. wood
23. Achilles
24. A
25. Minoan, Mycenaean
26. A
27. Heinrich Schliemann
28. A
29. For the fairest.
30. B
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