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A Fleet Fleet
They sacrificed cargo space for speed. Name these swift, three-masted sailing vessels that ruled the sea lanes during the mid-19th century.
One Owner, Low Mileage
Which vessel had the lowest number of miles on her when she went out of service?
A. Beagle
B. Titanic
C. Calypso
D. Queen Mary
E. Old Ironsides
German Vessels
What type of seagoing vessel was a German "Unterseeboot"?
Different Vessels
Name the vessel used by the ancient Egyptians to hold and preserve the internal organs of the mummified dead.
A. ewer
B. amphora
C. crucible
D. chamber pot
E. Canopic urn
Nautical Terms
The amount of water moved aside by a floating vessel is called its ...
Which American vessel was lost during the Battle of Midway?
A. Arizona
B. Seawolf
C. Missouri
D. Yorktown
E. Merrimack
The New World
John Alden and Priscilla Mullins came to America aboard what vessel?
Versatile Vessels
A Dewar flask is used to ...
A. expand solids
B. contain radiation
C. enclose inert gases
D. electrify substances
E. maintain temperatures of liquids
Spell the heteronym which means either the forward part of a vessel or an archer's weapon.
At Sea
From the starboard side of your vessel you can see the coastlines of Sierra Leone and Liberia. What body of water is off to your port side?
A clean-up crew in the containment vessel at a nuclear power plant should be interested in measurements involving which unit?
A. rems
B. mhos
C. lumens
D. poundals
E. coulombs
The sailing term, fo'c's'le, indicating the raised deck at the front of a vessel, is a syncope. It is a shorted form of what word?
Civil War Engagements
The vessel that engaged the Merrimack in 1862 was the ...
A. Serapis
B. Monitor
C. Graf Spee
D. Golden Hind
E. U.S.S. Constitution
Ship Shapes
"Fore" indicates the front of a vessel. What is the corresponding term which means "toward the rear of a vessel"?
Submarine Survival
Submariners escaping from a sunken vessel at a depth of 250 feet must exhale constantly during the rise to the surface or risk the formation of an air ...
A. embolus
B. neoplasm
C. remission
D. fibrillation
E. eczema
Vessel Verse
What vessel is intimately part of the 13th century epic by Wolfram von Eschenbach entitled "Parzival"?
Who designed his polar expedition vessel, the Fram, to withstand the crush of the pack ice and drift with the current across the Arctic Ocean?
A. John Brooke
B. John Murray
C. Willard Bascom
D. Fridtjof Nansen
E. Wyville Thompson
First Aid
If the blood is bright red and gushing forth in spurts synchronized with the pulse, then the victim is bleeding from what kind of vessel?
Boat Propulsion
Which vessel was a paddle wheeler?
A. Nautilus
B. Clermont
C. Bismarck
D. Mayflower
E. Golden Hind
Valiant Vessels
The old French ship had a crew of 380 men from 11 countries. John Paul Jones rebuilt it and forged a motley collection of sailors, beachcombers, and peasants into as stout a force as ever served under the Stars and Stripes. Name this vessel.
Captains of Literature
C.S. Forester's character, Horatio Hornblower, is captain of ...
A. a thirty-six gun frigate
B. a decrepit submarine tender
C. only his memories
D. a transport vessel carrying breadfruit
E. a massive luxury liner
Naval Engagements
What kind of vessel was John Kennedy commanding when it was sunk by a Japanese destroyer?
Research Vessels
Which vessel was equipped to bring up core samples from the ocean floor?
A. Alvin
B. Pinafore
C. Andrea Doria
D. H.M.S. Bounty
E. Glomar Challenger
Sitting Ducks
Where were these vessels anchored when they were severely damaged in an air attack?
West Virginia
Nautical Measures
A car is keeping pace with a sailboat offshore. If the vessel is moving at 20 knots, how fast is the car going?
A. 10 mph
B. 16 mph
C. 20 mph
D. 23 mph
E. 40 mph
In 1839, 53 illegally purchased African slaves were being transported from Cuba when they seized control of their vessel. After being captured by an American brig, they were defended by John Quincy Adams and the Supreme Court granted their freedom. Name the ship they had taken.
Laboratory Apparatus
Which vessel has the approximate shape of a cone?
A. beaker
B. burette
C. distilling flask
D. Erlenmeyer flask
E. graduated cylinder
The Fine Print
This notice from the German embassy appeared below an advertisement for a 1915 voyage aboard what vessel of the Cunard line?
Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic
voyage are reminded that a state of war exists
between Germany and Great Britain.
Bon Voyages
In 1957, what vessel completed a 60,000 mile voyage without refueling and later became the first to cross the North Pole under the ice pack?
A. Alvin
B. Nimitz
C. Nautilus
D. Scorpion
E. Enterprise
Katherine Anne Porter
What novel by Katherine Anne Porter could have been, but was not, given this title?
A Very Large Vessel for Deep-Water Navigation
Containing Many Folks with Deficient Judgment
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Answers to Vessels
1. clipper
2. B
3. submarine
4. E
5. displacement
6. D
7. Mayflower
8. E
9. b-o-w
10. Atlantic Ocean
11. A
12. forecastle
13. B
14. aft
15. A
16. Holy Grail
17. D
18. artery
19. B
20. Bonhomme Richard
21. A
22. PT boat
23. E
24. Pearl Harbor
25. D
26. Amistad
27. D
28. Lusitania
29. C
30. Ship of Fools
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