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Quiet Neighborhoods
There are no volcanoes in ...
A. Japan
B. Antarctica
C. New Zealand
D. eastern Africa
E. southern Brazil
Big Bangs
In 1883, approximately 75 cubic miles of rock disappeared in a single explosion that was heard over one eighth of the Earth's surface. This explosion, with the estimated force of a 5000-megaton hydrogen bomb, blew up what Indonesian island?
Geologic Zones
Most volcanoes occur along ...
A. reduction zones
B. subduction zones
C. conduction zones
D. liposuction zones
E. obstruction zones
Redoubtable Rings
More than 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are along the Pacific rim, otherwise known as the Ring of ...
Island Origins
Each of the Hawaiian Islands formed over the same hot spot. Which island was formed first?
A. Oahu
B. Maui
C. Kauai
D. Hawaii
E. Molokai
End of Eruptions
What adjective describes volcanoes that have not erupted since the beginning of recorded history and are unlikely to ever erupt again?
Volcanic Vistas
Which birds are most likely to see puffs of steam emitted from Mount Erebus?
A. parrots
B. plovers
C. penguins
D. peacocks
E. ptarmigans
Molten Material
Volcanic material above the Earth's surface is lava. Name this same material when it is below the surface in a molten state.
Submerged Summits
The only active underwater volcanoes in the mainland U.S. are in ...
A. Lake Superior
B. the Florida Keys
C. San Francisco Bay
D. the Gulf of Mexico
E. the Aleutian Islands
By far the most abundant volatile emitted during volcanic eruptions is ...
Early Warning
Before a volcanic eruption, there is usually a great deal of ---- activity.
A. psychic
B. seismic
C. meteoric
D. harmonic
E. atmospheric
Massive Mountains
It is 600 kilometers around its base and its summit towers nearly ten kilometers above the ocean floor. It is the world's largest volcano and emerges from a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean. Name it.
Natural Features
A volcanic neck is a plug of basalt that fills the throat of a volcanic cone. Examples of volcanic necks include Shiprock in New Mexico and ...
A. Half Dome in California
B. Serpent Mound in Ohio
C. Devil's Tower in Wyoming
D. Grand Coulee in Washington
E. Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire
Inactive Adjectives
What adjective describes volcanoes which have not erupted in a long time but may erupt again?
Which is not a volcanic peak?
A. Kilauea
B. Everest
C. Krakatoa
D. Stromboli
E. Shishaldin
Fiery French Phrases
A nuee ardente is a cloud of incandescent volcanic debris and toxic gases that rolls rapidly down a volcano's slope. One such emission in 1902 killed all but two of the thirty thousand people in ...
A. Nairobi, Kenya
B. Palermo, Sicily
C. Valparaiso, Chile
D. Yokohama, Japan
E. St. Pierre, Martinique
Contemporary Geology
A small crack that appeared in a corn field in western Mexico in February of 1943 grew into a cinder cone 500-feet high in just six days. Name this volcano, one of the youngest on the planet.
National Parks
There a national park encompassing a deep-blue lake in the heart of a dormant volcano in ...
A. Hawaii
B. Alaska
C. Oregon
D. Montana
E. California
Geologic Myths
Volcanoes derive their name from what Roman god of fire?
Which condition is most likely to cause magma to become a glassy igneous rock called obsidian?
A. cooling over a long period
B. intrusion into water
C. cooling at the Earth's surface
D. extreme pressure
E. cooling at great depth
Unusual Walks
After Krakatoa's eruption in the East Indies, sailors left their ships and walked up to three kilometers to shore on what kind of floating rock?
Photo Opportunities
A photographer wanting to film lava and steam erupting from a volcano would have the best chance if she were to visit ...
A. Kilauea
B. Everest
C. Vesuvius
D. Fujiyama
E. St. Helens
Ancient Eruptions
What volcano was the source of the ashes that buried Herculaneum and Pompeii?
The average measured temperature of lava runs about ...
A. 500 degrees C
B. 1000 degrees C
C. 2000 degrees C
D. 3000 degrees C
E. 4000 degrees C
The Solar System
It is almost three times as tall as Mt. Everest and covers an area about the size of Arizona. Name this Martian mountain that is the largest volcano in the solar system.
Latitude Location
Which volcano is at the highest latitude?
A. Etna
B. Katmai
C. Shasta
D. Fujiyama
E. Kilimanjaro
Potential Peril
Due to its proximity to a major metropolitan area, geologists have identified what mountain as being "the most dangerous volcano in the whole United States"?
Hot Spots
Which country has the largest number of volcanoes?
A. Greece
B. Colombia
C. Indonesia
D. North Korea
E. South Africa
Scared Students
A Filipino student was referring to what volcano when he spoke these words in 1991?
It started with little stones.
Then it became pitch dark and
the rain and sand began to fall.
I thought it was the end of the world.
Since 1800, volcanic eruptions have killed over 250,000 people, three quarters of whom died in four events. Which is not one of them?
A. Pelee
B. Fujiyama
C. Krakatoa
D. Tambora
E. Nevada del Ruiz

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Answers to Volcanoes
1. E
2. Krakatoa
3. B
4. Fire
5. C
6. extinct
7. C
8. magma
9. E
10. steam (water vapor)
11. B
12. Mauna Loa
13. C
14. dormant
15. B
16. E
17. Paricutin
18. C
19. Vulcan
20. C
21. pumice
22. A
23. Vesuvius
24. B
25. Olympus Mons
26. B
27. Mt. Rainier
28. C
29. Mt. Pinatubo
30. B
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